Monday, April 18, 2011

Simple Smoothies...

I would like to dedicate this smoothie to my little friend Charlotte, who can detect kale in a smoothie from a mile away :) Ain't she precious??? This one's for you Charlotte... free of any kale (but loaded with spinach! :)
This is a really "kid friendly" smoothie, with just 3 fruits- and of course some greens snuck in there.... but you don't need to mention that to the recipient! Recently I did a post on Calcium and Vitamin D and the importance of getting essential vitamins and minerals into OUR diets and those of out kids.... so if you have a picky kid who doesn't like veggies.... try this out, and let us know the results! The recipe below will make enough for 1 sippy cup and 1 large glass for an adult or 2 sippy cups and 1 medium glass for an adult.

1 banana
2 small oranges or 1 large
1 cup fresh strawberries
2 large handfuls of spinach
3 TBSP flaxseed
1 TBSP chai seed
6 cubes of ice
1/3 cup of coconut water (or juice if you need more disguising!)

Dump all the ingredients into your Vitamix or blender and blend!

TIPS FOR KIDS: If your kid turns up their nose at a green drink- try adding 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, it will help change the color from green to purple!!! Also... try putting it in a cup that's not see-thru.

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