Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Catching up & Continuing the Journey...

Currently I am in a season of learning, experimenting, and honestly, just enjoying my days with my kids and hubby when he's home. I have done a ton of cooking, reading of blogs and cookbooks, and digging deeper into my knowledge and understanding of health & doing our best to take care of the part that is our responsibility. Here's a great video that will shed some light on the recent rapid increase of allergies in our children- soy, corn, dairy and wheat. In this video, Robyn talks about how those crops have been genetically modified (that actual structure of the crop or seed is altered) and thus changing the way it is grown and received by our bodies... leading to an inability for us to accept, digest, and receive its nutrients- hence an allergy or intolerance is born.  Super interesting... check it out... and it will change the way you think about food.

more soon, I hope!