Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trail Mix...

So, my husband LOVES to have something to snack on with him at all times of the day, BUT it has to be filling and have some protein to keep the headaches at bay- so we have come up with our homemade trail mix. I find it super easy to make a huge batch so that it lasts a long time, plus, when you make your own, you only put your favorite things in it and for-go picking around those weird little unidentified objects! So, here's what we put in ours, but again, if you have a different preference, change it up a bit and just use this as a guide/idea!
(I go to Trader Joe's for my trail mix ingredients because of their quality, variety, and prices... but you can go anywhere YOU like!)

1 bag raw almonds
1 bag raw cashews
1 bay raw sunflower seeds
1 bag golden raisins
1 bag Thompson raisins (dark)
1 bag dried cranberries
1 bag roasted peanuts (no or low salt)
1 bag roasted pepitas (greenish in color)
1/2 bag dried apricots (cut in half or thirds)

If your taste buds like any of the following, you can also use/substitute:
dried pineapple
dried mango
dried papaya
dried apples
dried peaches
dried cherries or blueberries (more expensive, but full of flavor!)
macademia nuts
brazilian nuts (soooooooooo good for you!)

I just get a huge bowl and start dumping! If I am tossing in dried fruit, I cut mine to make the pieces smaller and more bite sized. After I have everything in the bowl, I mix it up well, and start scooping into sandwich sized ziplock bags. Then, in the pantry they go, and we take them as we need one. My husband and I always leave a bag in our cars because it is a healthy and filling alternative when a "snack attack" strikes!

WHY RAW NUTS??? I choose raw nuts because they have great flavor, are better for you and your heart and they last longer than roasted nuts!

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