Monday, October 25, 2010

Dirt Balls...

Entry #2 of Scrumptious Desserts:
So my crazy mom made these a LONG time ago, she loves to try new recipes too, I wonder where I get it! They are really easy to make, easy to serve when company comes over or for a party because you can make them ahead of time. They are perfect too for that custom taste of yours- you can add whatever toppings suit your fancy and they will be great every time! By the way, have you every tasted the French Vanilla Ice Cream from Trader Joe's... it's one of the best vanillas I have ever tasted- really creamy and really flavorful!

french vanilla ice cream
chocolate wafers or Oreo cookies (with the centers scraped out)
toppings (carmel, butterscotch, hot fudge, whip cream, or fresh fruit... or all of the above!)

First (and ALWAYS!) you are going to WASH YOUR HANDS because you have to handle the ice cream to make them into balls! You are going to chop or smash your chocolate cookies into crumbs, I put mine in a Ziplock Freezer bag and smash them with a rolling pin. Once they are finely smashed, pour them onto a plate. Then you are going to scoop your ice cream and create a ball to the size that you would like, shaping it with your hands- warning this part is cold- and stick it in an air tight container to "refreeze" because they will melt a bit while you are trying to form them. After about 20 minutes in the freezer, take them out and roll them around on the cookie crumb plate- you can put them back in the freezer until you are ready to serve them or use them immediately. When it comes time to serve them, set it on a plate with drizzled hot fudge & berries, or add a dollop of carmel or whip cream- or put it in a cupcake liner and let your guests chose their toppings. You can't go wrong!

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