Thursday, March 11, 2010

Toasted Flat Bread...

Get them before they're gone!
Here's a yummy treat, a great compliment to any salad really. Take a piece of flat bread, lightly butter it or use a little olive oil evenly, then add some Garlic Salt and sprinkle some parmesan cheese and put it in the oven on Broil for a few minutes (watch it, it will cook quickly and can burn easily!). Then slice it up and serve it as a fun crunchy side to a salad.
Cooks Quickly and perfect for a last minute meal!
I love Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Flat Bread. It is really soft and chewy, and is great for many things. I use it to roll up sandwiches, even sandwiches for kids- it makes a great peanut butter, banana, & honey sandwich all rolled up and chewy! Give it a whirl!! You're gonna love it!

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