Saturday, June 29, 2013

3 Nutrition Secrets For Beautiful Skin

No matter how vigilant you are , your skin takes a beating . It's a tough world out there - and at the forefront of your skin .

However , all is not lost . You do not have to resign yourself to your skin shows every battle has been waged by the elements .

You also do not have to suffer further abuse through lasers , needles or surgery .

3 pairs of natural skin renewal steps to work . And have fun at what you see when you look in the mirror .

The Most Important Skin Nutrition : Water

Your skin needs water more than anything else .

Consider this : Skin Baby ' could have as much as 83 % water content . [ 1 ] a young child has about 65 % water concentration in their skin . However , as we age , our bodies just can not seem to hold onto it as well . An adult woman on average about 55 % water . [ 2 ]

Now it's hard to change the way your body retains water when you get older . But whatever , you can make sure that you fill your water supply faster by drinking more .

When you are well hydrated , you 'll enjoy fuller , smoother skin . Wrinkles and sagging begin to disappear as your skin stretches taut in your face .

But the benefits go further ...

    Your body uses water to help eliminate toxins from your body .
    Water increases blood flow , making it easier for your body to bring nutrients to your skin .
    Adequate hydration increases the mobility of your immune system , making it easier for your body to repair the damaged area .

Simply by drinking more water you will make it easier for your body's innate repair crews to do their work on your skin .

Essential Skin Nutrition

Of collagen - the production of immunity , your skin depends on good nutrition to continue to do its job ... and look good while doing it .

Essential nutrients for your skin include :

    Vitamin C - Vitamin C is a key nutrient in the production of collagen . Even more interesting , recent laboratory studies suggest that vitamin C may actually activate the genes in your skin cells are responsible for regeneration . [ 3 ]
    Vitamin A recent study suggests that - vitamin A seems to increase the production of the two main components of skin health - procollagen , the precursor to collagen , and glycosaminoglycans . Glycosaminoglycans seem to help your skin hold onto water , helps the production of collagen and reduce wrinkles . [ 4 ]
    Nucleic Acid - Anti - aging pioneer , Dr. Ben Frank , author of the classic book Eat and Grow Young , shows , healthy cell replication requires a good supply of nucleic acids . Dr. Frank noted that high dietary nucleotides produce less wrinkles and better skin tone . [ 5 ]
    Beta glucans - Clinical studies have shown immune stimulating molecules can specifically help patients heal burns , [ 6 ] to protect your skin from UV rays [ 7 ] and accelerate the overall skin rejuvenation . [ 8 ]

By providing essential nutrients your skin , your skin helps you to take care of himself.

Restore Your Skin

Battered by the elements , your skin is constantly regenerating itself . Cell by cell , your body continues to rebuild the outer border . Average outer layer over your skin is replaced every week .

Your body needs nutrients remarkable only for this fuel cell is constantly changing set .

And it also requires very specific nutrients that stimulate and support the replication of cells . Nutrients such as chlorella growth factor ( CGF ) .

Growth factors that are found throughout nature , in plants and animals . They are chemical signals that promote wound healing and tissue growth , through cell replication and differentiation .

Chlorella growth factor ( CGF ) , only found in chlorella , stimulates renewal is very good . And the effect of renewing it does not stop with the CGF chlorella . It has been proven to be safe accelerate tissue repair and healing in our skin . In laboratory studies , the researchers have shown that even seems to slow aging at the cellular level . [ 9 ]

This special Maintaining Food And Renew Your Skin

Hydrate , nourish and renew . Your skin requires you to take all 3 tasks.

When it comes to food and renewal , a small green algae - chlorella - providing exceptional skin nutrition .

With vitamin C. .. rich in vitamin A. .. Full of beta glucan ... with nucleotides more concentrated than other foods ... and the only source of CGF ...

Chlorella feed your skin to regenerate .

    You can apply the chlorella topical skin care cream . Your skin will eat it directly .
    And you can also take a supplement skin . This is a delicious addition to your diet

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